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    Whisper Accompaniment
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    Whisper Accompaniment + Part I
Instrument: Two-Part Choir
Range: Part I: C#4 - D5. Part II: D4 - Bb5
Words and Music: Greg Gilpin
Key: D minor
Lyrics start: "I used to whisper something to you. Whisper, whisper..."

“Whisper’ is a Two-part choral piece for choir and piano accompaniment composed by Greg Gilpin.

Greg Gilpin is a well-known award winning composer, arranger and choral conductor based in the United States. He is the current director of Educational Choral Publications for Shawnee Press. His website is http://www.greggilpin.com

Purchase includes:
  • Accompaniment
  • Accompaniment + Click Track
  • Accompaniment + Part I
  • Accompaniment + Part II
  • Accompaniment + Full Score
  • Accompaniment + Full Score at Slower Tempo

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