Give Us Hope

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Instrument: 3-Part Treble Choir
Words and Music: James Papoulis & arranged by Franciso J. Nunez
Key: Eb Major
Lyrics start: "Listen to the sound of my voice. Can you feel the beat of my heart...."

“Give Us Hope” is a piece for Three Part Treble Voices & Piano taken from ‘Sounds of a Better World = small voices calling’ by Jim Papoulis.

‘Sounds of a Better World = Small Voices Calling’ is a series of songs focusing on children which examines their world and how small steps can be made to improve it.

Jim Papoulis is a composer, orchestrator and conductor based in New York City. You can find him at

His work focuses on combining the music of his roots – classical and jazz – with the rhythms and influence of world beat, folk, and multi-ethnic sounds. His compositions for choirs, orchestras, string quartets and chamber ensembles have been performed worldwide.

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