I Watch The Sunrise

Piano accompaniment
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    I Watch The Sunrise (Chordal Accompaniment)
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    I Watch The Sunrise Accompaniment + Melody
Instrument: Voice
Range: C4 - E5
Words and Music: Colin Murphy & John Glynn
Key: C Major
Lyrics start: 'I watch the sunrise lighting the sky, Casting its shadows near....'
“I Watch the Sunrise” is a popular hymn. It has been recorded by numerous artists including Irish artist Daniel O’Donnell and appears on his  album Faith & Inspiration (2000) and on the album Songs Of Faith (2004).
Purchase includes:
  • Accompaniment + Melody
  • Accompaniment + Melody (shortened version featuring 2 verses)
  • Chordal Accompaniment
  • Chordal Accompaniment (shortened version featuring 2 verses)