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    This depends on several factors but mostly the length of the piece. A piece that is 2 minutes long can be recorded in a much shorter time frame than a piece that is 15 minutes long. If you forward in your request we can let you know how long it will take to record your piece. In general we hope special requests can be dealt with in about 1 – 3 weeks depending on demand.

    As we our in our launch period, we are offer a special offer of any new requests costing the same as other tracks of a similar standard and length on our website already. There will be no additional costs involved. However this only includes pieces that have no adaptations in the request, this will just be an exact recording of the original piece. (ie no cuts etc) Once we receive your request, we can forward the price to you. We will need the original sheet music for any requests and if you do not have it, we can purchase it for you but this cost will be added to the price.

    Yes we can record anything that you require. Any recording that is different to the original music will have a slightly higher fee involved as this will be a once off purchase. Please contact us for a full costing.

    We do require the original sheet music in order to record anything. We use to purchase most of our music and you should be able to find anything there. However we can also purchase the music for you if you wish as long as you
    provide clear details of the arrangement you want as some pieces have many different versions.

    Once we have your request recorded we will contact you with the details about how to download your track.

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